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Classes Meet me at the Barre!

Classic Lean and Lengthen

This movement-based class features many of the classic ballet moves such as tendu, battement and devèloppè followed by deep stretching of the muscles. Get ready to look, feel and move like a dancer!

Modern Sculpt & Strengthen

This body-transforming class aims to work the muscles to complete fatigue using small-muscle isolation moves and glide-board strength training to sculpt and strengthen the body. Feel the exquisite burn!

Simply Barre

This class can be taught without the BeyondBarre glideboard. When you are traveling or at a location without a BeyondBarre glideboard, learn how you can still get a phenomenal workout with the Simply Barre class!

Beyond Barre Fit

This fun fit class brings in all of the props; ball, bands and weights. Your body will be given an extra challenge with the use of props. And you’ll discover muscles you never knew you had!

Contemporary Cardio

Get ready to melt the pounds away and build up your cardio endurance with this fast-paced, high-energy class. In this class you will work back and forth, emphasizing the cardio element on the glideboard and the developing long lean muscles on the ballet barre to work every muscle in your body!

Pick the day and time that best fits your schedule, reserve your space online, and you’re on your way to a new you.




BeyondBarre is the hot new full-body exercise program with a focus on improving strength, flexibility, and endurance — three important hallmarks of fitness that are sure to make your clients look good and feel better. BeyondBarre will help them get healthier, and have fun doing it. That’s because our unique approach to health and fitness combines the muscle stretching and strengthening of a ballet barre program with a heart-pumping cardio glide-board workout. It is not your little girl’s ballet class!

Each body-sculpting, fat-burning, endurance-building class incorporates barre exercises carefully designed to gain muscle control, increase flexibility, and develop long, lean muscles. Light weights and other accessories are used to sculpt the arms and legs, strengthen the body-core, and narrow the all-important waistline. Most notably, our patent-pending BeyondBarre GlideBoard is used to increase stamina, burn fat, and enhance heart health.

The program can varied for a fun and challenging workout. Created specifically to appeal to all fitness levels, the BeyondBarre workout focuses on proper form and body alignment to avoid strain and injury. Your clients will experience body-transforming results that strengthen their commitment to optimum health and wellness.

Once you have completed the BeyondBarre Basics Training program, you will have a strong teaching foundation. You will be able to teach 4 different BeyondBarre Level 1 classes. – Intro Class, Classic Lean and Lengthen, a Modern Sculpt and Strengthen, and a BeyondBarre Fit Class. The BeyondBarre Fit class incorporates resistance bands, a ball and weights to amplify the BeyondBarre fun.