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Basics Training


BeyondBarre Basics is the first step in BeyondBarre Instructor Training (This MUST be completed prior to enrolling in Dynamics - Level 1).

BeyondBarre Basics - March 24, 2019 - Hackettstown, New Jersey

BeyondBarre Basics Training

It’s not your daughter’s ballet class! That means get ready to move, move, move! BeyondBarre Basics introduces you to the most innovative fitness program on the planet. You’ll learn the BeyondBarre Basics order of exercises, proper body alignment and intramuscular connections. Our easy to follow formula based on the BeyondBarre Teaching Compass will highlight the technique, count, and cue of each movement.

Price: $350.00

Date: March 24, 2019

Gallery Barre
262 Main Street
Hackettstown, New Jersey
USA Map and Directions

Available Spaces: Unlimited