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Everything You Need To Become A BeyondBarre Instructor...
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BeyondBarre is proud to introduce the BeyondBarre Basics Home Study Kit. It’s the perfect way to learn the amazing BeyondBarre Method exercise program from the comfort of your own home. The BeyondBarre Basics Home Study Kit includes all the fantastic fat-burning, body-sculpting, muscle-stretching, cardio-pumping exercises used in BeyondBarre studios all across the United States.

The BeyondBarre Basics Home Study Kit is perfect for anyone who:

  • prefers to exercise at home
  • can’t find time to get to a studio
  • likes to proceed at their own pace
  • attends a BeyondBarre studio class but wants more workout time
  • is considering becoming a BeyondBarre instructor

Our BeyondBarre Home Study Kit features a comprehensive, fully-illustrated, 200-page manual along with a set of three full-length videos.

The three videos — BeyondBarre Fit, BeyondBarre Grace, and BeyondBarre Exercise Tutorial — serve as the foundation of our BeyondBarre training program.

BeyondBarre Fit is a fitness-based strength class that uses props such as a small ball, resistance bands, and weights.

BeyondBarre Grace is a graceful, ballet-focused workout that incorporates Pilates along with yoga-inspired movement and stretching.

BeyondBarre Exercise Tutorial features of all of the exercises found in the BeyondBarre Basics manual with modifications and variations.

With our BeyondBarre Basics Home Study Kit, you’ll also learn the exclusive BeyondBarre “Say-it, Count-it, Focus-it” easy-to-teach formula as well as the unique structure of our BeyondBarre workouts and exercises.

That’s not all. You’ll also learn how to create your own workout versions of BeyondBarre.

And, as an extra bonus, you’ll get a practice guide and access to an online BeyondBarre Exam for those of you who want to teach the BeyondBarre method.

There’s more:


Official BeyondBarre Marketing Media to support BeyondBarre instructors are available for purchase at Beyondbarre.com SHOP. Our marketing products are regularly updated in our studio to keep your business fresh and exciting!

And more:


“BeyondBarre Connections” is an endless source of information, inspiration, and motivation. Features include an extensive video collection, workout tips, form guides, teaching tools, as well as choreography. Plus, lots of great ideas, recipes, and much more.

BeyondBarre Basics Home Study