Social Media Plan

Get the most out of social media

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other forms of social media can be powerful marketing tools for your fitness business.

With just one “click,” all your clients — and potential clients — can immediately learn about the new and exciting events going on at your studio.

It’s also a great way to provide educational content. For example, you might write about how to do a particularly challenging barre exercise. Or explain why green tea is good for you. When social media regularly offers educational content, viewers come back looking for more.

You can also use social media to:

— introduce new classes

— provide bios for instructors

— introduce new instructors

— explain promotional discounts

— update holiday schedules

— offer fitness fun-facts

— inform clients about studio closings due to inclement weather


Try to add something new to your social media every day, Monday through Friday. To do that, you’ll want to plan your week in advance. Keep the general outline the same each week so you can focus on content. Here’s a suggested schedule:

Monday — Offer an exclusive studio promotion that’s only available to your social media followers.

Tuesday — Feature an instructor or client. Maybe a client who has attended a certain number of classes or who has reached a milestone fitness goal.

Wednesday — Pass on a fitness tip. If you have a blog, link back to it so you can go into further detail.

Thursday — Pass on any positive feedback about your studio, instructors, or classes. If there has been constructive criticism, pass that on, too. Include any actions the studio has taken to improve the issue.

Friday — Pass on information from other fitness experts. Retweet relevant content, share fitness articles, or pin images that are in-line with your studio.


In addition, be sure to go to the “Marketing” tab on BB Connections to find social media images you can post to promote your BeyondBarre classes.