Same great BeyondBarre Class with a Twist

Keeping workouts continuously changing is important… to challenge your body as well as your mind.  There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to workout but not wanting to repeat a workout that you have been doing day in and day out.


In Beyondbarre it’s easy to keep the classes diverse.  The BeyondBarre Creativity Tools inspire instructors to continuously add new variations of the foundation exercises to each class.  With BeyondBarre every workout should be slightly different from the one before.


In addition to the Beyondbarre Creativity Tool’s outline for creating exercise variations here are 3 super guidelines to follow when mixing up your workouts:


1.  Increase the weight and lower the reps.  Pick up the heavier 4 pound weights for the Biceb series but lower the repetitions.  You will be sure to feel the difference without it seeming impossible.

2.  Lower the weight and add set or 2.  You will feel the burn!

3.  Increase or decrease the tempo.  This small change will add a challenge to the body and mind.

These strategies to add further interest to your classes will be sure to continuously keep you and your clients challenged!