Posture Perfect

Next time you are in a BeyondBarre class, make a point on focusing on your posture.


Slouching may begin as a bad habit but over time can be detrimental to your health. When you slouch your head juts forward and your spine and ribcage become misaligned.


A forward protruding head puts strain on the neck, jaw and shoulders. This can lead to pain and headaches. A hunched forward spine can put undo strain on the internal organs. Long term this can damage the heart, lungs and digestive system.


There is good news though; exercise can counter the effects of bad carriage.


The muscles that aid in keeping the spine erect are the core muscles as well as the neck, shoulders and back.


BeyondBarre teaches the four Connections: (1) Abdominals, (2) Shoulder Girdle, (3) Midline, and (4) Opposition.


The first two Connections are the ones that most benefit posture. That’s because they strengthen the core muscles closest to the spine, where many postural imbalances can be corrected. The Shoulder Girdle Connection is particularly important. When one stands tall, draws the shoulders up, and sends them back and down, the shoulders are correctly placed in the joint. Holding this upright postural position also engages the back and neck muscles to find their natural vertical position.


Stand tall, breath deep, and focus on your Abdominal and Shoulder Girdle Connections.