Notes From The Barre – March 2015

The weather for the entire month of February here in New York has been exceptionally brutal. Bitter cold, with morning temperatures often around zero, and snowstorms at least once a week, have made it a month we won’t soon forget. Everyone at BeyondBarre and Pilates In Motion is hoping that the March weather will be much kinder to us.

But it isn’t just cold and snow that makes winter a tough season. Cold air tends to be dry – often very dry. That means staying well hydrated is just as important in the winter as it is on a hot summer day.

Even in winter we continue to lose water through our skin. But we are less aware of it because the moisture often turns directly to vapor without forming sweat on the skin. But the water loss is real and we need to make sure it’s replaced.

I stay hydrated by sipping warm or hot lemon-water all day when it’s cold outside. I’ll also often enjoy green tea, broth, eating juicy fruit, and occasionally a cacao hot chocolate (hot water, cacao and honey). Click here for a few other great ideas for flavored waters to enjoy as you watch the snowflakes fall.

Stay healthy. Keep sipping.

BeyondBarre Founder

Stay Healthy. Keep Sipping.