Notes From The Barre – July 2015

Often I am asked why barre workouts are so hot right now? For me its simple. Barre workouts are low impact and incredibly effective at toning and sculpting the legs, core and arms. In addition to the main muscle groups the minor muscle groups are significantly challenged as well. Barre works the often overlooked areas like the feet and ankles, along with the hips and back.

When I teach instructor trainings, new instructors often ask me what’s the best way to describe BeyondBarre to those interested in trying the workout.

I tell them BeyondBarre is a true cardio ballet barre workout. It combines ballet barre exercises and cardio workouts – making it a program unlike any other on the market today.

The ballet barre exercises are great because they do so much for your health. Your body becomes more flexible – and who doesn’t want to be able move around easier. Your muscles become stronger – so they look beautifully lean and sculpted. Your muscle control is improved, so balance becomes rock solid. And, as you move to each exercise, you get a good boost of cardio health, too.

What I love most about BeyondBarre is its secret weapon, the BeyondBarre GlideBoard. If you really want to boost your cardio-workout to another level, you’ll definitely want to add our optional BeyondBarre GlideBoard to your program. It’s a great way to combine fun and fitness. And, as you’re having fun “ice skating” on the board, your body gets a serious heart-pumping, fat-burning, fitness-boosting workout. Plus, the GlideBoard exercises improve your agility and balance.

Another great feature of the BeyondBarre program is that it easily adapts to all fitness levels. So no matter if you haven’t exercised in years, or you’re a long-time workout wonk – the BeyondBarre program is designed so our instructors have the flexibility they need to build a program that works just right for you.

Fun and fitness. That’s BeyondBarre.

Colleen Ketchum