Notes From The Barre – January 2016

Happy New Year from all of us at BeyondBarre! We truly hope it’s your best one ever.

I’m thankful to report that 2015 was a great year for BeyondBarre. Indeed, we grew by echappes and jetes (“leaps and bounds” for those not familiar with French ballet terminology).

In 2016 we will be working hard to continue that success. As always, our goal is simple: To help each one of your clients become leaner, stronger, healthier, and happier.

As part of that goal, we are introducing several new products and educational programs that represent the leading-edge of the fitness industry. Here’s what we now have available:

Redesigned GlideBoards

We’ve redesigned our GlideBoards to make them lighter thanks to the use of sleek, modern-looking aluminum ends. Also, we are now offering a longer length (66-inches) to go along with our shorter GlideBoards. Those who are tall will find this longer length a better fit. But the longer length isn’t just for the tallest of us. Anyone who wants the extra cardio challenge of a long board will love this new arrival, too!

DVD’s for at-home workouts

Our popular BeyondBarre Fit and BeyondBarre Grace DVD’s are now available to you at wholesale prices! These DVD’s are the perfect product for clients who want to supplement their BeyondBarre studio workout with an at-home program. Your clients get fitter and you get an extra revenue stream.

Ballet Slippers

We also now have our beautiful and stylish BeyondBarre ballet slippers available at wholesale pricing! Your studio floors will stay clean and dirt-free while your clients easily transition between the ballet barre and the GlideBoard.

Updated Manual

We’ve also revised the BeyondBarre Basics manual. Not only does the manual have updated photos and a number of new exercises, it includes some new pre-scripted workouts you can seamlessly layer into your class schedule.

Upgraded BeyondBarre Basics

The BeyondBarre Basics program now includes a video of all of the BeyondBarre Elements and their related exercises, including modifications and variations.

I hope you enjoy these new additions to our program. We currently have adequate stock so be sure to order soon.

Here is to a strong and lean 2016!

Yours in fitness,