Notes From The Barre – January 2015

Happy 2015 to everyone in our BeyondBarre family.

I’m pleased to report that 2014 was a fantastic year for BeyondBarre and its flagship studio Pilates In Motion. The BeyondBarre fitness program continues to grow nationally and Pilates In Motion has more members and classes than ever. But none of it could have happened without your continued enthusiasm and support. For that, I thank you very much.

We ended the year 2014 at BeyondBarre/Pilates In Motion with a wonderful indoor/outdoor holiday party at the Shalimar Alpaca Farm in Warwick, N.Y. With the farmhouse beautifully decorated for the holiday season, it was the perfect place to gather and celebrate with our clients, instructors, family, and friends.

Not surprisingly, kids and adults alike were drawn to the gentle and beautiful alpacas in a nearby field. The highlight of the gathering was when the children and alpacas, all of them worn out from a busy day of activity, decided to lay down together in the field and take a long rest. That prompted one of the alpacas to place its head on a child’s lap and fall sound asleep. It was perfect.

Indeed, watching the scene unfold reminded me that our often heavily-programmed lives can make us forget the joy we felt as children when we could spontaneously run, play, and have fun.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. So for 2015, I resolve to add more organic, unscripted, outdoor exercise to my life. Or, as kids call it… playing outdoors. I hope you will, too.

I’m looking forward to all of us enjoying another exciting and successful (and playful) year at BeyondBarre.

Yours in fitness,

Colleen Ketchum

BeyondBarre Founder

BeyondBarre holiday party with friends both furry and not.

BeyondBarre holiday party with friends both furry and not.


SCORE your 2015 New Year’s Resolution!

My New Year’s resolution for 2015 is to embrace the acronym SCORE. The five letters in the word stand for: Set goals, Calculate progress, Organize schedule, Realistic results, and Enjoy yourself. The acronym makes it easier to remember all the bullet-point advice that SCORE offers. If you haven’t yet settled on a New Year’s resolution, think about making SCORE part of your daily routine in 2015.

S is for Set goals.

Make the goals as detailed as possible and write them down on your calendar. The list doesn’t need to be fixed in concrete. Sometimes you have to take a few different paths before you find success, but if you have goals serving as beacons, you’ll be better able to find your way.

C is for Calculate progress.

It’s important to calculate your progress as you work toward your goals. I keep a journal and update it as needed.

O is for Organize

Organize your schedule to accommodate the goals. It’s easier to meet your goals when you first do a little preparation and organization.

R is for Realistic

Make sure your goals are realistic. I know it’s fun to challenge yourself to do something extraordinary, but if too many of your goals are difficult to meet, you just might give up on all of them.

E is for Enjoy

Take time to relish the achievement when you reach a goal. Think about how good it feels to have met a goal. Reward yourself. Pause and enjoy a cup of hot tea and reflect on your accomplishment. Or order that new workout outfit you have been eyeing. You will be reminded of your successes every time you workout in it.