Notes From The Barre – February 2015

This past month I had the honor of being invited to participate in Kent School’s Alumni forum on Entrepreneurship. The event was spectacular. As one of three panelists, I was given the opportunity to share my BeyondBarre story and offer up advice to the future entrepreneurs present. Although there were plenty of valuable discussions throughout the forum, there was one question that we kept coming back to. Can the entrepreneurial spirit be taught?

This question stirred something in me. How did I become an entrepreneur? Was it a class I took in college? High school? Was it someone close to me that I observed and learned from? I knew these were all contributors but none felt like the core. I needed the reason I became an entrepreneur. Further contemplation brought me to one word, PASSION.

When I sat down and actually put the BeyondBarre concept together I had the vision and drive to create a workout that would be effective, safe and fun for not only myself but also others. The passion for innovation in fitness was there.

For me forming the BeyondBarre workout was the easy part. Crafting and choreographing thoughtful movement is something I love to do. I enjoy the challenge both physically and mentally.

The real work for me began when it was time to market and build the BeyondBarre business. This is where programs like Kent School’s entrepreneurialship program have the ability to provide a fantastic foundation.

Passion is something I see every day engrained the fitness instructors I interact with. The passion to encourage and engage others to be the healthiest and fittest they can be.

Passion is something we find with in ourselves. Fortunately we are in an industry filled with passion. Passion is what makes us the best at what we are. Passion is what makes you the best you can be. Find your passion and use it!


Passionately yours in fitness,

Colleen Ketchum

BeyondBarre Founder