Notes From The Barre – August 2015

I have been thinking about balance lately. How to best balance my life together with my family, BeyondBarre and my fitness studio Pilates In Motion. How do I keep my life in balance? I am always seeking ways to cultivate and enjoying all aspects of life with my family and businesses.  It’s not easy for sure but with a little planning and preparation I am finding a balance of sorts.

This summer has been flying by. As it flies by I have realized that this summer has been and will continue to be a well-balanced endeavor. I have been in Austin and Atlanta for trainings in July and will be holding trainings in Warwick, Maryland and Cape Cod in August. I have had a lot of fun and met some amazing people in my travels this summer.

I was lucky enough to travel to Austin with my husband in July. We had a mini- vacation in Austin enjoying the running trails, food, music and mixology.   I will be bringing the entire family to Cape Cod and Maryland in August for the trainings then.

Balance is an area I have been thinking a great deal about in regards to fitness as well. Life balance and emotional balance are important but so is physical balance. It’s important to incorporate both dynamic and static balance into our workouts. On this note, stay tuned for more on Balance in BeyondBarre workouts…

Yours in fitness,

Colleen Ketchum