Instant Face Lift!

Instant Face Lift! »

When doing any abdominal work it is a common occurrence to crunch the chin directly to the chest. This puts compression on

A Balanced Life

A Balanced Life »

At the barre it is easy to “hang back” in the heels. To get in the proper alignment with the shoulders over the

A Weighty Issue

A Weighty Issue »

Weight Shifting happens in the Relevé action as soon as the heels lift off the floor. What you don’t want to happen

Side Stretch

Side Stretch »

When a client is stretching you never want to force them into a position their body cannot hold. When guiding, make sure to

Don’t pass up the Passé!

Don’t pass up the Passé! »

Don’t pass up the Passé! This exercise is great for hip mobility and stability. It is also an exercise that can,

Using the Ball in Warm-Up

Using the Ball in Warm-Up »

When teaching a large class, it is sometime difficult to guide everyone. Sometimes, you wish you could guide everyone at once. I

Increase Stretch Intensity

Increase Stretch Intensity »

Getting clients into the right position while stretching is very important. When they do the Front Stretch in the Stretches at

“Stadium Run”

“Stadium Run” »

A favorite Guide of mine for the Glide Board is what I call the “stadium run.” When I want my client’s to get

Maintain Balance

Maintain Balance »

After a client is able to hold a strong abdominal connection, and their alignment is in the most ideal position, I love to

Find the “Ribs Center”

Find the “Ribs Center” »


To find the “ribs center,” I use the directional assist of taking my hand on the client’s middle back and telling them