Proper Foot Point

Proper Foot Point »

“Dancing is the poetry of the foot.” ~John Dryden 17th Century Poet, Literary Critic & Playwright


Lengthening »

I like to use a Directional or Touch Guide to get my class to lengthen in class. When the class is in

Full Range of Motion

Full Range of Motion »

Working in a full range of motion will greatly increase the effectiveness of the exercises you are performing. When you are instructing

Bridge position

Bridge position »

When working in the Bridge position the hips often lower towards the mat when your clients become fatigued. Place your hands on

No Extra Flare Needed

No Extra Flare Needed »

Sometimes when class participants try to stand up taller, the rib cage flares and the chin is lifted. This is something that

Viva la resistance!

Viva la resistance! »

The GlideBoard prep is a great exercise to use when you’re trying to get a client to work the legs as much as

Feel It »

BeyondBarre uses a neutral pelvic position. But when doing mat work while lying down, it’s easy for the client to tuck-under, especially when

Shift Center »

When working on the Leg Isolations Series of the Mid-Level Barre Progression, the client will often shift most of their weight to the standing leg.

Rock Steady »

It can be challenging to stabilize one side of the body while the other is active, especially for those new to BeyondBarre. For example,

 No Slouching »

The Seated Barre exercises in the BeyondBarre class can be challenging for many clients. While doing these exercises, some clients find it difficult to keep a neutral pelvis and spine. Typically, a client will