Beyond Barre & Booya Fitness

It took a lot of cardio endurance on the BBGB! 

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Do you want to watch full-length BeyondBarre workouts? All you have to do is contact Prita at Booya fitness and she will send you a link to access the videos.


Referral Program

Earlier this year, BeyondBarre filmed workouts (with many more to come) with Booya Fitness ( Booya Fitness is a premium fitness video platform, featuring high-quality workouts sourced from the industry’s most elite boutique studios and instructors.


Booya Fitness not only allows us to reach customers who can’t workout with a BeyondBarre trainer, but also allows our loyal clients and customers to have a 360-experience with BeyondBarre. Customers can now workout with BeyondBarre several times a week in additional to their personal training sessions, or take it on the road when they are travelling as the workouts are streamable on all devices.


We are excited about this partnership and hope you are too!


Booya Fitness is offering referral bonuses to BeyondBarre Connections members and licensees. By capitalizing on your social media, client lists, and other avenues, you can earn additional income from Booya for any customer you recommend that joins the platform as a paying member.


If you are interested in participating, please email Prita at