Amy Bennett

Amy Bennett is a certified Pilates Instructor through Power Pilates and was among one of the first training groups certified in BeyondBarre.  For the past 8 years she has taught Pilates, TRX and BeyondBarre in the NY/NJ area.  Her passion for fitness and wellness started as a young athlete and carried into adulthood; which led to the desire to help others meet their own fitness goals.


Amy continues to be a student of the Pilates and BeyondBarre method; aiming to improve and learn by training with master instructors.  She loves teaching BeyondBarre since it is a perfect combination of strength, stretch and cardio, which provides rapid results for her clients.


Living by the prolific words of Joseph Pilates “Fitness is the first requisite of happiness”, she hopes to help others find their happiness as they challenge their bodies to become stronger and healthier.