The True Cardio Ballet Barre Workout

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I have a very busy schedule and do not always have time to sit and enjoy my food. I can be seen driving,

Keep Going!

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In a group class, it can be hard not to drop the energy when spotting a client who is in need of

Keep it simple

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Choreographing can be a daunting task, especially for new instructors. I like to keep it simple, but effective enough that you still get

Maintain Balance

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After a client is able to hold a strong abdominal connection, and their alignment is in the most ideal position, I love to

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Join Constant Contact online to best reach your clients. This will allow you to easily keep in contact and send out any offers,

Choreography Guides March 2012

Choreography Guides March 2012 »

Click to View & Download Choreography Text: Abdominal Component Choreography Attitude Combination Releve combination Plank Series Glide Board

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